When Menswear Goes Full Asshole

There are stupid gimmicks, and there are stupid gimmicks. This bullshit is the latter.

Men’s capital-F Fashion has never necessarily been a hotbed of sanity or wearability. A casual perusal of the menswear collections at is enough to understand why “fashion” and particularly “men’s fashion” is the butt of so many jokes.

This week, a new startup hit a new low with a romper for men that has become the object of a full-on assault of ridicule on social media. The ridicule is justified because the romper is bed, bath and beyond ridiculous.

#tfw everyone keeps telling you that your #coachella outfit is perfect.

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It’s called the “RompHim” and it looks to be marketed as a cool and easy one-piece for Coachella bros. In reality, it’s pure douchebag drag. The big money shot lineup of the bros modeling – excuse me… “rocking” the whole collection looks like the 2017 graduating class of Rape U.

Of all the ludicrous menswear fails I’ve observed firsthand in my lifetime, this one is a serious contender. (The men’s “half-thong” still holds the crown for now.) God help us all.

Reigning champion: the “half-thong” for the complete asshole.

P.S. The romper didn’t work on Sean Connery in Goldfinger, either.



  1. Christopher R Fortunato Reply

    I always preferred what the Bond villains were wearing/doing.

  2. I so wish I were good with Photoshop. I’d whip up a pic of Dolt 45 in a Romper for social media in a heartbeat! Or Homer Simpson. Same figure.

    The Romphim is absolutely ridiculous, of course, and meant to only work (as much as it can) on men who don’t have any fat on their bodies, just in their heads. What I do like is that it looks like men will have to take the whole thing off to relieve themselves of those mint juleps, or whatever a man who wears a mint green romper with a pink blazer (and loafers?!) drinks, which is what women are expected to do with our rompers, jumpsuits, etc. A total pain in the bum and a guarantee part of your clothing gets dunked in the toilet or drags on the bathroom floor (just what you want in a public restroom).

    Well, now you know what we females feel like when it comes to fashion. We are constantly bombarded with ridiculous looks meant only for the fair and freakishly thin. I have seen jumpsuits and rompers trying to make their way back into our closets, but we’re not buying any of it. Rompers are cute on little girls and tiny teens, but that’s the limit.

    I do like otown’s faux fur coat. For me though, not him. Gives him that Huggy Bear look, which I guess, since he’s the only non-white guy in the bunch, is what they were going for. (Fashion editors: “He’s black, so he’s either a pimp or a rapper, right?”) If you click on the pictures, their Twitter tags (I’m assuming) show up. Mr. Mint Julep is “thebushleague”. Of course.

    Thanks for the laugh- this is a hoot!

  3. John Borell Reply

    53 years later and the James Bond romper (romphim?) still burns poor Mr. Connery.

  4. Of all the men’s fashion trends of the past century (and I include the puffy pirate shirt, and drop-crotch trousers in this analysis) this is probably the ugliest.

  5. First skinny pants, now this. Romphim buyers should have their testosterone levels checked.

    • It’s not even about testosterone or masculinity. It’s just another silly-looking gimmick that compounds the growing aversion to dressing like an adult.

  6. Joseph Musgrave Reply

    Do you see the push-back on this as an indication that classic menswear and timeless style is becoming more of the norm?

    Or was this just too ridiculous for even the faddy fashion crowd?

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