There are stupid gimmicks, and there are stupid gimmicks. This bullshit is the latter.

Men’s capital-F Fashion has never necessarily been a hotbed of sanity or wearability. A casual perusal of the menswear collections at is enough to understand why “fashion” and particularly “men’s fashion” is the butt of so many jokes.

This week, a new startup hit a new low with a romper for men that has become the object of a full-on assault of ridicule on social media. The ridicule is justified because the romper is bed, bath and beyond ridiculous.

#tfw everyone keeps telling you that your #coachella outfit is perfect.

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It’s called the “RompHim” and it looks to be marketed as a cool and easy one-piece for Coachella bros. In reality, it’s pure douchebag drag. The big money shot lineup of the bros modeling – excuse me… “rocking” the whole collection looks like the 2017 graduating class of Rape U.

Of all the ludicrous menswear fails I’ve observed firsthand in my lifetime, this one is a serious contender. (The men’s “half-thong” still holds the crown for now.) God help us all.

Reigning champion: the “half-thong” for the complete asshole.

P.S. The romper didn’t work on Sean Connery in Goldfinger, either.