What do you do, George?

In short, I’m a consultant. I bring a tasteful, interesting and grammatically correct eye, ear and voice to individuals and companies who want to “punch up” their social media and web presences.

Clients have come to me for copywriting and editing, logo/graphic/layout design, website restructuring, brand messaging, tone refinement and a good joke or two. I like to help make people and businesses look and sound better online.

In doing so, I want to learn who the brand is, why the brand exists and what that brand does better or differently than any other brand in its category. From there, I take those strengths and exploit them as optimally as possible online, whether it’s with a tweet, an Instagram campaign or a page on a website that needs editing and restructuring. And I’m good at it.

My rate is $100/hour. For ongoing campaigns, the sensible solution is a retainer, which is priced by the estimated hours devoted to the work each month. I’m not cheap, but when it comes to producing genuinely worthwhile and authentic content in a digital landscape cluttered with dull, uninspired and dubiously executed material, I’m not expensive, either.

How you look and sound online is everything. Doing it right and looking like a brand to be reckoned with requires a serious investment. Invest wisely.

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