As anyone who reads me knows, I love going to the cinema. But not just any cinema. I love a chic movie house with a sophisticated film lover’s flair (though I’d never turn my nose up at seeing a great new horror flick at the neighborhood multiplex). 

One of my favorite movie houses is the Paris Theater, tucked between Bergdorf Goodman and The Plaza Hotel on West 58th Street. Opened by Pathé Cinema in 1948, exhibiting mainly international and independent films, the Paris is the last remaining single-screen cinema in Manhattan. Over the decades, it’s had a few owners. The current operator is Netflix, who acquired the Paris in 2020 and invested millions of dollars in physical and experiential renovations, including 70mm projection and an immersive Dolby Atmos sound system. 

It was actually a relief to me that the Paris did not succumb to the BarcaLounger seating trend, opting instead for classic but comfortable theater seats (with cup holders behind the seats in front of you, of course). The concessions are all the classics, including your favorite movie candy, fresh popcorn in a box, and drinks served in normal-sized wax paper cups. They can also make you an espresso or a latte, which is a nice feature. This is grown-up moviegoing, and I’m here for it. 

Along with its growing library of original Netflix films, the Paris has also been dabbling in terrific series with really interesting programming. From March 22 through 28, the theater is showing milestone movies from 1974. Here is the complete list of featured titles:

Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore



Blazing Saddles

California Split


The Conversation

Female Trouble

Foxy Brown

The Parallax View

The Phantom of Liberty

Solomon King

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

The Traveler

A Woman Under the Influence

I know, right? If you love movies half as much as I do, and you happen to be in New York between March 22 and 28, you know what to do:

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  1. DeWayne A. Powell

    Sorry, George: “Along with its growing library”, not “Along with its growing library.” I know you know. And, of course, thank you for your inspiring journalism.