The Official Blade Runner 2049 Trailer

This stunning trailer for Blade Runner 2049 teases the unraveling of a compelling continuation of the blade runner story and poses many questions. What we can discern is that Ryan Gosling is a blade runner with the LAPD who discovers something that sends him on a quest to find Deckerd (Harrison Ford), the former LAPD blade runner who’s been missing for thirty years.

“Your story isn’t over yet. There’s still a page left.”

What Gosling has uncovered, who’s hiding something and who’s out to eliminate both him and Ford (maybe Jared Leto) will remain a mystery until the movie opens on October 6.


  1. Thanks again for another heads-up. The cinematography looks stunning, and I am definitely curious to see what the story is. You also hipped me to Atomic Blonde, which I am looking forward to watching in July, and the new Kingsman. You are a great source for both deep thoughts on intentional style and actual things, and movies, which is a killer combination. I appreciate your work.

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