About This Site

Anyone with money can buy the newest and “nowest” in fashion and luxury. Real style, on the other hand, is a separate issue entirely. We either have it or we don’t. One can be born with it or one can learn it. But it cannot be bought.

Since few of us have much money these days, I decided to create and curate content for discerning guys who aren’t necessarily filthy rich. Pick up any men’s fashion magazine or look at any men’s style blog. We’re bludgeoned with “aspirational” content targeted for the uber-rich or those who wish they were: luxury cars; the most expensive watches; unaffordable suits, shirts and shoes; and fantasy goods and services that are attainable only by the top 1%. It’s an industry dream machine that ignores those of us who have good taste, but neither the means nor the will to acquire overpriced merchandise.

The idea of this online magazine is to explore and examine smart, handsome, stylish and high-quality options for the rest of us. Think of it as a polite middle finger to a culture that flaunts the most expensive stuff out of the need for some kind of store-bought validation.

Life goes deeper than stuff and true style comes from within. It is the physical expression of the characteristics we already have: intelligence, wit, humor, flair and the ability to get laid without showing off a pair of $900 shoes or a six-figure car.

And “style,” on this site, entails more than just clothes. It encompasses many things we guys like: movies, television, music, books, photography, tech, and our best friend: the dog. Topics include going out, staying in, designing and maintaining a good home, and, of course, getting dressed. I welcome all ideas, thoughts and suggestions.

We are the majority. We have discerning taste and real requirements. We like good things that work, that are smart and that reflect well on us. Sure it would be nice to have no financial worries so that money was no object. But we can live well regardless. We understand that the more we know, the less we need. And when we pull it all together and step out of the house, we make it look effortless.

I created this site for us, and I hope you enjoy it.


Cover photo by Dustin Cohen.

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