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Where do I begin about this guest? How do I begin? When I was a kid at home, I remember seeing her on late night cable doing standup at the IMPROV, unable get enough of her bawdy flavor of comedy and confidence. Then, in 1989, my dad bought me a cassette of her hit one-woman show Without You I’m Nothing. Like countless other gay men, I was transfixed. I didn’t really know that this kind of performance was possible. Funny, edgy, cutting, relevant, ahead of its time. And speaking of something ahead of its time… If you haven’t seen her unforgettable performance in Martin Scorsese’s The King of Comedy with Robert DeNiro and Jerry Lewis, rent it now. Since all of that, she’s done sitcoms, movies, tv shows, most recently Ryan Murphy’s POSE and American Horror Story. I saw her most recently at her annual holiday run at Joe’s Pub on New Year’s Eve, back in person after a three-year pandemic absence. She is a comedian… a singer… a writer… an actress… one of our sharpest cultural observers… one of my favorite entertainers… an overall icon… and, this year, my Valentine… Miss Sandra Bernhard.


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  1. Victor Cooper


    What a great interview!!

    I have loosely followed Sandra’s career over the years. If there is one party I would love to be invited to is the one to her home. She is smart, warm, and funny-“balls out.”

    Yes, I would put her in the camp of Bette Midler. When I was in the military I would play Bette’s album The Devine Ms. M. at full blast. I guess the guys knew about my secret. Playing Sylvester-Mutual Attraction- didn’t improve my image either.

    Congratulations on the move down the hall. Now the kids can stretch out.

    Yes, here in Denver I hear all the bad things about New York. I take it with a grain of salt. The only thing that amazes me is the cost of apartments and those maintenance fees-HOA fees in Colorado. I love the idea of walking everywhere. I lived in DC and I loved it. I had a car to get to work and other far flung places but I was 50/50 walking around.

    Here is a link to watch MSNBC for free —

    Continued success and happiness “SUGAR.” 🙂

    Be healthy,