Barbasol Shaving Tips

I love shaving, and I love barbershops. Here in Manhattan, we have a lot of great shops, including Best Barber, my go-to right here in Hell’s Kitchen. Like all good barbershops, they do cuts and shaves.

As I’ve written before, my preferred shave cream is Barbasol, a venerable old affordable classic made right here in the USA. I found myself on their website the other day confirming the existence of a non-aerosol version of their shave cream (It’s confirmed. It exists.), and I came across this great video they produced in 2014 at a barbershop called Old Familiar Barbershop in Columbus, Ohio. The video features shop owner Kenji Prince highlighting how he goes about giving a shave in the fantastic setting of his Old Town East emporium, which also includes haircuts, beard trims, shampoos, shoe shines, marriages and dirty jokes among their services.


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  1. After being a stylist for 20 years my favorite services were barbering. I love the appreciation that I had from all my male clientele when you offered a straight-razor shave. I like that you listed the video here and the tips it offers. I will use them in my salon also. Thanks for sharing.

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