The Best Take-Downs of America’s Gun Problem I’ve Ever Seen

As my readers would know, a post like this is not my usual fare. It may put some off or inspire others to ‘set me straight’ in the comments section or even unsubscribe. But in the wake of the mass shooting of 50 members of the LGBT community in Orlando, and the shooting before that, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that, and the one before that… I kinda don’t care.

Anyone who knows me knows how I personally feel about guns (they’re not my thing, you might say). With respect to the issue on a national level, I am in love with these hilarious and poignant articulations put forth brilliantly by Samantha Bee and Jim Jefferies. I have nothing better to add. They’re the best eviscerations of America’s gun problem I’ve ever seen.

Samantha Bee on June 13, 2016:

Jim Jefferies (part 1)
October 9, 2015

Jim Jefferies (part 2)
October 9, 2015

BONUS: A fantastic 21-minute segment of The New Yorker Radio Hour with Mike Weisser, aka “Mike the Gun Guy.” Mike is an NRA-certified firearms instructor and a self-described gun nut who owned a gun shop and has written six books on guns.


  1. France has strict gun control but they still had a mass shooting, The problem is religious extremism, from one religion in particular.

    • George Reply

      That’s France. The most dangerous religion to Americans is gun worship. And it is an extreme, fanatical religion. More Americans are killed by other Americans with guns in a single year (10,000+) than the number of Americans who have been killed by terrorism worldwide. Ever.

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