I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the men’s grooming racket is an oversaturated market I’d never want to be in. Is anyone ever going to really reinvent the way we shave in our lifetime? No. The only recent breakthrough is a disruptive price-breaking, direct-to-consumer delivery system from the likes of Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club. As far as product goes, no one is reinventing any wheels. But every five minutes or so, it feels like every Tom, Dick and shaving company is trying. #GoodLuckWithThat

I love a fancy shave cream just as much as the next guy – one that does the job, makes me feel cool and looks good in my bathroom. But I also run out of said fancy shave cream and need to make an emergency run to CVS for a quick fix now and then. In situations like this, I can always count on old reliable Barbasol.

Yes, Barbasol. It never gave me a bad shave. In fact, it always gave me a consistently good shave, and it happens to be the cream I used for my very first shave at age fourteen. But over the years, I felt pressure to keep up with the Joneses and upgrade to premium creams that promised a better shave, offered more cachet and cost more money. To be totally honest, I cannot claim with any conviction that those creams gave me a substantially better shave. Different, yes. But better? Not really, at least for me.


Barbasol is an old American company founded in 1919 by Frank Shields, a former M.I.T. professor who wanted to create a way of shaving his sensitive skin without requiring a brush. The shave creams come in a handful of scent and sensitivity formulas, including the original (which I use) and a non aerosol cream. They are made in the USA and cost about $2 for a 10 oz can at your local pharmacy.



  1. Hey George, I was just wondering if you have ever tried shaving with a brush and shaving soap? I love heating the brush up in warm water and then the soap is nice and warm on my face. Good stuff as always! Keep up the great work and good luck with your move to Cleveland.

    • Thank you! Yes, I love a good brush & soap. Nothing more luxurious when it comes to shaving!

  2. George,
    I agree a wet shave(either double edge or straight razor) is the way to go. I question the use of something out of a pressurized can. I also agree with the above. Nothing beats a brush and warm lather.

  3. I’ve been a Merkur/Astra shaver since September 2016 and I’m still on my second box of 100 blades. So I’ve spent less than $20 for 4.5 years of shaves, including one pandemic year of greatly reduced shaving. I’ve never found a shave cream to beat Trumper’s so that’s where my savings go. When I started I was terrified of nicks but prepared to live with a few. Maybe it’s because I’m more careful, but the “safety” razor lives up to its name, and I’ve only had one noticeable nick over the years, though I’ve cut my fingers once or twice handling the blades. Better than trying to stretch the life out of an expensive cartridge, I just toss the Astras after 3 or 4 uses.