Saturdays are podcast days for this mildly media-obsessed listener. I listen while I clean, do laundry, shine my shoes, iron shirts, walk the dogs or whatever. Below is a digest of my must-listen favorites of the week.

The New Yorker Radio Hour
Life After Lockdown, and the Politics of Blaming China

The Daily (The New York Times)
One Hundred Thousand Lives

Fact checking Trump on Twitter, SpaceX privatizes space, and a Listener Mail question on mental health apps and big tech

99% Invisible
Suits: Articles of Interest #10

On the Media
Boiling Point

Recode Decode
Phil Howard and Emily Bell: Disinformation in 2020, from “Plandemic” to Bill Gates to “Obamagate”

The New Abnormal
How To Screw Up a Vice Presidential Pick

Here’s the Thing
New York City’s Post-COVID Future

The Business of Fashion
Scott Galloway on Fashion’s Darwinian Shakeout

The War on Cars

Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart
Think no one can defeat Lindsey Graham? ‘Watch me!’ his Democratic opponent says.

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