Here are the episodes of shows I’ve really enjoyed this week.

And about Alec Baldwin‘s latest episode of Here’s the Thing with guest Woody Allen… I haven’t “cancelled” Woody, as many understandably have. There are so many things I do not know, and many parts of the allegations that have never tracked, despite in-depth investigations. Did I find his relationship and ultimate marriage to Soon Yi weird? Sure. But over a quarter of a century later and a couple of now college-age children together, they still seem to have a real thing. What interested me about Alec’s episode was a conversation about Woody’s craft. His prolific and consistent output astound me, and his films (most, certainly not all) are among my all-time favorites. I truly enjoyed hearing him talk about all of it, and I appreciated his candid responses to questions about the scandal all those years ago.

On the Media
It’s Going Down.

Here’s the Thing
On a Zoom Call with Woody Allen.

The New Yorker Radio Hour
Getting White People to Talk About Racism.

The Business of Fashion Podcast
Graydon Carter Says, ‘There Is More Good Journalism Being Produced Now Than There Was 25 Years Ago’.

Amazon suspends facial recognition technology, Starbuck’s closes 400 stores and a prediction on Apple and search.

Katie Couric: How the media and the country are changing after George Floyd’s killing.

The New Abnormal
Will Bill Barr Go to Jail When This Is All Done?

Cape Up with Jonathan Capehart
Civil rights icon John Lewis is ‘deeply moved’ by today’s demonstrations.

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