A little late, but just in time for the long July 4th weekend…

When my sister Tracy brought home the Saturday Night Fever double record set in 1977, a little disco queen came out of her little seven year old brother. I couldn’t get enough of it. To this day, its unapologetically celebratory rhythms never cease to put me in a better mood. Even though it’s not always on my regular listening rotation, there’s something about it that invariably sparks joy.

There are some basic Disco 101 hits on this list, and there are more esoteric choices that I learned about from fellow club DJs during my days spinning records in Boston. If they had let me, I would have gladly done a full underground ‘70s disco show on the college radio station where I had a show. (Check out the delightfully ridiculous track from Charo (yes, that Charo) from her 1977 album “Cuchi Cuchi.”)

Aside from the fact that it’s summer, we need something to break up the mind-numbing shit show hitting us from all angles. We need shamelessly happy beats, good times, forget-me-nots, boogie nights, disco days and clams on the half shell and roller skates.


July 2019 Playlist

Further listening…

Feel free to dive into the complete playlist archive on Spotify and The Men’s Shop Playlist, a growing eclectic mix of classics that I would play in my fantasy men’s store or barbershop.


  1. Joyce A Bowman

    Thanks for the Disco Rollerskates Playlist G-Doll :). When I saw ‘Rollerskates’ in the title I wondered if it was ‘Rollerskates’ by Steelpulse. Not sure if you enjoy Reggae music, but that song is enjoyable, funny, a good story, and slightly political. Hope you are well. xoxo

  2. Joyce A Bowman

    Also, while music is a balm to calm the worst fever, here is some news for the heart and soul. I have put this on my bookmarks page and try and start my morning here, it makes a big difference.