The idea of online custom suits can be a daunting and confounding prospect. Several readers and friends have told me as much. So I thought I’d share my own experience with online made-to-measure suiting, including how I started with it, some of the issues I’ve had and, ultimately, the overall benefit for men like me who are not rich but want to look good.

The bottom half of a gray custom suit. No belt loops.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate. And THANK YOU for listening!

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  1. Joe Crangle

    Don’t talk about the boy Georgie! Good summation of the online made-to-measure suit experience. Thank you.

  2. Adam Bailey

    Dear George, wanted to make a comment on your last blog but for now as we say in the UK don’t let the buggers
    get you down .Your obviously a class act if those clients can’t see it , then its their loss .Onwards and upwards.
    By the way my missus thinks your gorgeous.Hope that helps Cheers.

  3. Christopher Fortunato

    Love the clip from Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf. I used to show that movie to my family law class and they were astonished at the domestic violence.