In this episode of The George Hahn Podcast, I lend my perspective on the cost of clothing and our often unreasonable expectations about it. To me, the expectation of the cost of a very simple garment like a t-shirt or a pair of jeans should be quite different from that of a suit or a blazer (especially the custom variety), which has a markedly more complicated and intricate construction and is much more difficult to make. And, hopefully, the garment in question is a quality garment, made with high construction standards.

Essentially, a market where we want increasingly more for increasingly less is unsustainable. As a non-millionaire who appreciates quality and craftsmanship, I’m willing to pay a fair (and even more than fair) price for a handsome garment that is made well under fair labor practice. Anything less is a thoughtless pursuit that feeds a gluttonous “fast fashion” monster that pukes more and more crap onto a growing heap of cheap, disposable, trash clothing.