Much has been said about Bill Cunningham since he died last week. The legendary New York Times photographer’s contribution to the fashion world is legendary, and I have nothing new to add to that conversation. What was remarkable to me was Bill the man. I became a huge fan after seeing his documentary Bill Cunningham New York – a film he didn’t like because it brought him a fame he never wanted. But this was a man who loved his life’s work so passionately, with a childlike wonder and an uncommonly rare purity of integrity and virtue. It’s inspiring to me beyond description. I just felt like talking about it and sharing my thoughts, particularly after just recently seeing his wonderful conversation with Fern Mallis at the 92nd Street Y in September of 2014. To use one of Bill’s favorite words, it’s marvelous.

Watch the 92StY Fashion Icons talk with Fern Mallis.

The second half of this episode is a reading of my essay about the crisis in the luxury business against the backdrop of our time’s unprecedented economic inequality. I hope you can relate.

Thank you for listening!


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