Of all the stories I’ve heard and read about master tailors around the world, Martin Greenfield’s is perhaps my favorite. As the only survivor of his immediate family, all killed in a Nazi concentration camp, he came to America in 1947 and built a life from nothing. But not just any life.

He started as a “floor boy” at GGG Clothing in Brooklyn and earned his first major client, General Eisenhower, by 1950. In 1977, he bought GGG Clothing and renamed the company Martin Greenfield Clothiers, which still creates the finest hand-crafted American suits out of it’s original building in Williamsburg.

Other than Eisenhower, Mr. Greenfield has suited Presidents Ford, Clinton and Obama (who’s tailoring is looking particularly good these days), and he is considered among many to be the best men’s tailor in the United States. I think he’s amazing.



  1. Leila Zogby

    I had the good fortune to visit the Greenfield factory a few years ago when my son worked for Mr. Greenfield. The skilled craftsmanship of the staff was impressive. It’s no wonder his shop is considered the best.