I’ve never shared it here, and really for no good reason. But in case you haven’t heard, I have another podcast. It’s a very casual one-man affair called Hahn, Solo, a podcast I do by myself about things I do… wait for it… by myself. Hence the clever title.

Hahn, Solo is a short and sweet exclusive for my Patreon supporters, with new episodes each week or so. It’s like a little check-in with my subscribers, and I really enjoy doing it. The nice folks who subscribe to my nonsense seem to enjoy it, too.

Here’s an excerpt of this week’s episode:

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A little favor…

This little blog, my social media nonsense and my occasional podcast run on elbow grease, midnight oil and the frequent bad idea. Access is totally free. Any help you can give so I can continue to produce content and keep the lights on would be immensely appreciated. There is a one-time support option or a recurring subscription through Patreon, which also features exclusive content like my one-man podcast ‘Hahn, Solo’. Thank you so much!!!

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