One time, comedian Dane Cook told a funny joke about how men would love – more than anything – to be involved in a heist. Like all good jokes, it’s funny because it’s true. The Italian Job, the original Ocean’s Eleven and Steven Soderbergh’s wonderful reboot, sequels and Ocean’s Eight spinoff, Sexy Beast, The Bank Job, Inside Man, Baby Driver, Heat, The Town, Out of Sight, Jackie Brown and so many others. Who hasn’t fantasized about being in stories like those?

The idea… the planning… the casting and recruiting… the rehearsal… the execution… the fuck-ups… the style… all against the backdrop of a really cool soundtrack. 

The sounds in this playlist capture my own idea of the heist mood. Slick, groovy, sexy, whimsical, cool, sometimes dark… I love all these tracks.

Please enjoy.

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