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A Subtle Sartorial Halloween Flourish

Through my early thirties, I would get really into Halloween. I’ve been a vampire, a zombie, a mummy, Mr. Spock, a Hooters waitress and, yes, a bloodied Drew Barrymore from Scream (complete with a cordless phone in one hand, Jiffy Pop in the other, and a knife in my chest). I even once had a pair of black contact lenses that just covered the iris, which were wonderfully and eerily off-putting at parties. When I went out, I went all out, as one should when you want to do it right.

As I ease into my mid-forties, I’ve toned it down considerably. Since Halloween and its ghostly, ghoulish splendor remains one of my favorite holidays on the American calendar, I still enjoy a little sartorial flourish to celebrate All Hallows’ Eve.

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Rethinking Meat: My Personal Evolution

I grew up in Cleveland, OH, among other regular meat-eating folk. For the first 40 years of my life, I enjoyed meat, pork, chicken or ham with almost every dinner, most lunches and weekend brunches. I loved a good steak, a perfect cheeseburger, or a stack of crisp bacon. But after I adopted my dog in late 2009, something started to change for me, and my perspective of and relationship with animals began to shift. The belief that “real men eat meat” didn’t make as much sense to me anymore, for a variety of reasons that involved health, ethics and the environment. Since then, I have undergone (and continue to undergo) a personal evolution of sorts, which I talk about in this episode of the podcast.

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