Anyone who knows me knows I’m an avid fan and regular rider of public transportation. I haven’t owned a car since 1994 and have very happily gotten around on trains, buses, foot, bicycle or the occasional Uber or cab ever since. Never did I imagine that my enthusiasm for a car-free lifestyle would lead to a gig.

Imagine my surprise when, earlier this year, I got a message from a follower on Instagram who worked for Connecticut’s Department of Transportation and CTrides, offering me a role as the quasi spokesperson for Transit Is a Trip, their new CTrides ad campaign to increase ridership on trains and buses. Since a legit on-camera acting gig is my dream job and the project was a good fit, I happily accepted.

The deal got even sweeter when I learned that the agency hired to create the campaign (The Watsons) was created and headed by a dear friend from college, Paul Orefice. All signs pointed to a really fun job, which it was. We had a blast doing this.

Shot over the course of five days on actual moving trains and buses in New Haven and Norwalk, Connecticut, the spots were directed by Paul and shot by the amazing cinematographer Tommy Shaw and his incredible team with Vantage Productions, including Kelly Knisel (still photography), Drew Romano (lighting) and Marcus Gram (sound).

The campaign includes these initial four spots for TV and social media (with others coming) and a print series for billboards. This was a really fun project. 

GRATITUDE NOTE: I owe a huge debt of thanks to Carla, who was the one who originally approached me for this. I am so very grateful. 

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    So much fun! We love them, George!