As I listen to this playlist, I can’t decide if I smell Drakkar Noir, Calvin Klein’s Obsession or patchouli. It all depends on which party or club I was going to, I suppose. Regardless, these songs bring back significant parts of high school and early college, complete with 8-eyelet Doc Martens, rolled-up Levi’s, two pierced ears and an aspiration to live like Jamie Gertz in Less Than Zero.

I hope you enjoy the music. I sure do.

The playlist

A little favor…

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  1. Kim Sacco

    Oh, thank you, dear George, for the perfect time drop of these tunes. ‘Tis just the wiggle I need to get through this afternoon and her looming deadlines – Kim X

  2. Rich Gillard

    Love this playlist. Thank you for compiling.

  3. Meredith Rutledge

    love the new playlist G. keep on keepin on, big love to you. yer very only mrut

  4. Great 80s music! Did you remove the option to donate via PayPal?

    • No. The PayPal option is still available. The new support link, via Square, has more options.

  5. Karen Hayes

    Great play list! Reminds me of Thursday, ladies night at Paris,NY (on Long Island) in the 80’s and 90’s!