A few readers and social media followers have asked about my post-shave ointments. After trying so many things over the years, I’ve settled into a very simple and effective ritual: moisturize.

I’ve tried toners, balms and other things that sting like hell, thinking that the sting means it’s “working.” No thanks. For me, the secret to a good shave is freshly washed skin, a nice cream, a clean and sharp blade, a good post-shave cold water rinse and a good moisturizer.

The moisturizer I use is from Bulldog Skincare in the UK, my favorite men’s skincare company because they make an effective product, use natural ingredients, don’t do animal testing and price their products very affordably. Their branding and packaging also looks good on a bathroom shelf. Of their three moisturizers available in the US, I prefer the Age Defense Moisturizer (for obvious reasons). They also have their Original and Sensitive Skin formulas. If you’re in the UK, you can also try their Oil Control and Protective (15 SPF) versions.

Once I pat my face dry from the cold water rinse, I apply the moisturizer as directed while my skin is still slightly moist. No sting. No tingle. No fragrance. Just a soothing feeling and great-looking skin.

After that, I spritz on my scent, which is either Royall’s Muske or Guerlain’s Vetiver. (For more on my take on fragrances, click here.)

That’s it for my post-shave routine.

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  1. Stuart Kaufman

    I too use a moisturizer after shaving, but before it goes on I splash a little witch hazel on and let it dry. This really soothes and firms up the skin. The moisturizer takes care of the rest.

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