All of my playlists are best enjoyed on shuffle. This one is no exception. It’s a collection from my personal favorites and some recent discoveries I found on NPR’s All Songs 24/7 Music Channel and KCRW’s Eclectic24 station, my two favorite sources of new music. With winter hitting, I need a lift. The tone of this particular playlist is on the decidedly lighter side of the spectrum.

Along with this month’s compendium, I’m also including my Christmas playlist, which includes some new and some old, with a lot coming from my parents’ Christmas records that we listened to in my childhood. The selections from The Andy Williams Christmas Album? The Carpenters? Percy Faith? The Ronettes, Darlene Love and The Crystals? Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Barbra? Come on.

Happy Holidays!

December 2018 Playlist

George’s Christmas Playlist

Further listening…

Feel free to dive into the complete playlist archive on Spotify and The Men’s Shop Playlist, a growing eclectic mix of classics that I would play in my fantasy men’s store or barbershop.

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