That Glorious Day of the Dead Opener in SPECTRE

SPECTRE was not necessarily everyone’s favorite Bond movie. (Personally, I loved it.) But that legendary Day of the Dead scene in Mexico City was arguably the most incredible opening sequence in the entire Bond series, and certainly the most Halloween-appropriate.

Between the nearly three-minute single tracking shot that starts the sequence from the air, onto the ground, through a parade, into a hotel, up an elevator, then into a room… The beautifully costumed principals and extras… The dizzying helicopter action that ensues… It’s stunning.

Here you go:

Happy Halloween!


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  1. Great cinematography, tracking and set / costume design… sucks the viewer right in. That said, Craig’s suit is STILL too tight and short. And why center vented and a long one at that? I thought he (mostly) showcased twin vent English cut suits. No little visitors here in our rustic village last night….

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