Men who are keen on keeping their shoes in good working order already know about this stuff. It’s basically the fountain of youth for shoes.

I first heard about it from Kirby Allison. An authority on shoe and garment care, Kirby has done the homework on the very best products that are essential to a well-maintained wardrobe, like good hangers, garment brushes and shoe care goods.

Saphir’s Renovateur is an all-purpose, mink-oil based cleaner and a conditioner that works miracles for reviving or maintaining shoe leather between shines or as the base coat of a polish.

It contains no pigment and can be used on any color. Even by itself, its light waxes provide a nice soft shine.

I’ve chosen my shoes carefully and spent money on them. I plan on having them stay with me for the rest of my life. For good maintenance on my leather investments, Renovateur is a game-changer. I can’t live without it.

Get some.


  1. 100%

    This stuff is absolutely amazing for what it can do with shoes. It has brought so many of my and my wife’s shoes back from the dead, or even just from ‘meh’. I don’t use any other polish on my shoes anymore. I just work a coat of this in every once in a while, brush it smooth, and that is it.

    One caveat from my experience, though, is that it really shines (pun intended?) with good quality leather. It will make lower quality leather look good…for a bit, but then that leather will begin to revert to form relatively soon. Otherwise, Saphir Renovateur is well worth the price tag.

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  3. very cool…a side question, you mention good hangers – any tips there? just realized my terrible plastic ones are not doing the pants any favors – maybe nicer wooden ones, with the trouser bar? (and I need fewer, as fully one-third of the closet went to Goodwill this weekend…felt great)