Podcast Episode 10: Shorts, Flip-Flops, Aereo, Cars and Shaving

After a witchy winter, spring has sprung, including a little flirtation with 80º F earlier in the week. With the warmer weather come shorts and flip-flops, about which I have some definite feelings I express in this episode. And though I did enjoy the time with my partner-in-crime at this year’s New York International Auto Show, I discuss the vanilla experience of the show overall, which exhibited fleets of boring-looking luxury cars, stripped of all character and sex appeal and in desperate need of design CPR. Also on my mind, and on the radar of media/entertainment reporters lately, is Aereo, a brilliant (and affordable) service that provides live broadcast television over the internet to computers, iPads, iPhones, and the Roku. It’s a beautiful disruption to the stale broadcast and cable subscription models that has networks and cable providers really pissed. And finally… just when you think you’re going to learn something new in a magazine or on a blog about getting the perfect shave, just remember: you’re not. It’s all been said before, and there is nothing new to say or learn. (But it won’t stop me from writing my own “definitive” piece on getting the perfect shave. Stay tuned for that nonsense.)

Thanks for listening!

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  1. George, I enjoyed the podcast. You could be the coolest guy on the internet.

    I’m a software engineer, and to put this mildly, as a group we aren’t famous for our attention to men’s fashion. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s a part of the “computer programmer nerd” culture that began long ago and is very entrenched.

    But if you look at old tapes of engineers in the Apollo mission control room for example, you see men whose jackets were off in the corner somewhere, but were dressed in button downs and those funky narrow ties. But these guys looked like they were geniuses in charge of sending men to the f-ing moon… cuz they were. They weren’t dressed like the modern software engineer, who looks to the world like a lazy child who slept until eight minutes before class, pulled his clothes out of the dirty hamper and threw them on.

    My own sartorial satori, if you will, has just happened and I’m still in the process on collecting and curating a decent wardrobe. But I hope to one day manage a small group of developers who don’t dress like nincompoops and to help this group of guys raise their level of self respect to the level their already high IQs. That would be a beautiful thing.

    Got you in my NewsBlur feed so I’ll be keeping up with you. Best of luck.

    • George Reply


      Thanks so much for listening and for your terrific comment. Your move toward a more “occasioned” sense with your work image is one small step for your office and one giant step for geek-kind. You’re one of my heroes. Keep up the good standards, and if your colleagues make fun of you, know full well that you’re on the right path (kind of like the way your average and below average classmates hissed when you ruined the bell curve in school, yet you maintained your personal standards for excellence).

      A few back, I posted a short piece on the “dapper geeks” who founded Silicon Valley. The picture looks like a cast photo of Mad Men. See it here.

      Thanks again for listening and chiming in. Onward and upward, good man!


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