I’m a faithfully inconsistent listener to Seth Godin’s wonderful podcast Akimbo, which I highly recommend. Whether or not I listen to a given episode depends purely on the title. Sometimes it pertains to me, sometimes it doesn’t. Since the title to the most recent episode, “Pizza and Sushi,” hit on two of my favorite things to eat, I had to take a listen.

What makes a good pizza? It turns out that it has much to do with the pizza with which each of us grew up. And I had no idea that the wasabi we Americans mostly encounter is not authentic wasabi.


  1. The pizzas I grew up with were OK (White Plains, NY), but nothing as good as what I can now get from a few artisan shops locally. Unlike many folks, we don’t use pizza as convenience food. We make pies at home from thawed organic dough- which is really good, but our oven is not hot enough to create the quality burnt / charred chewy crust which most people prefer. Yes, any sushi bought in a supermarket or food court can only be a compromise, but as stated here, JUST GOOD ENOUGH to make the cut and survive..

  2. @kitchensquater The sushi from the supermarket is decent enough. I tried to make it at home but I could not get the rice done well.

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