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The past year included some exciting firsts for me. I became a regular featured contributor to a bike style magazine (Momentum Magazine), I was hired as contributor and fashion editor for the premiere issue of the new men’s magazine of SunCity Group in Macau, and I took on my first client as a personal stylist. I can now add my inclusion in a fabulous new book to that list.

Through an email with a mutual friend last September, I was introduced to Sam Polcer, photographer and founder of Preferred Mode, a photoblog of New Yorkers who use the bicycle as their preferred mode of transportation in the city. Sam told me he was working on a physical book of pictures to be published and asked if he could photograph me with my steed. We agreed to meet the following week in SoHo where I had a meeting with a client. A few clicks later, we shook hands and went on our merry ways, staying in touch on Twitter (@PreferredMode).

Just today, I learned that New York Bike Style (Prestel) will be released at the beginning of April. The 224-page hardcover includes written contributions from fellow New York bicycle riders Casey Neistat and the one and only David Byrne. (Yes… I’m in a book with David Byrne. I can die now.) I am so very grateful to Sam for including me in the book, and I am thoroughly honored to be a part of it.

Order New York Bike Style on Amazon.

UPDATE: March 2, 2014

Not only is Sam’s book featured in the March 2014 issue of Rhapsody, United Airlines’ first class inflight magazine, but the image of yours truly is included in the feature…

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  1. I just received my Brooklyn Cruiser. What headlamp do you have installed and do you like it? Are you using it to be seen or to see? I like in a rural area and there are no streetlamps. So I need it for both functions.

  2. Earlier photos of your bike have a fork mounted light, which would be my preference. Were you not happy with this light. What was that one?

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