Since many have told me how much they enjoy seeing New York through my social media content, I thought I’d try a little experiment with my occasional podcast.

The idea was inspired by another podcast I recently heard where two people were discussing the lunch they were having – as they were having it – at a well known New York steakhouse. I loved the idea and decided to try something similar.

In this episode, I share the signature experience of getting and enjoying a New York slice of pizza in real time. Ridiculous, but fun.

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  1. I enjoyed the video even if it did make me drool. I’m in Nashville where great pizza is in witness protection. Looking forward to more living vicariously.

  2. @joshuastevensnyc

    No toppings George? Oregano, Garlic Powder & Pepper Flakes…. Going to try that slice on 31st & 8th …. Koronet on 110 & Bway also a great slice

  3. Michelle

    This post resonated with my soul…. Used to live on E77th and went to La Mia pizza every Friday night. We still talk about it 7 years later (living in London now) and miss it so very much. New York truly has *the* best pizza in the world. Thank you for sharing the experience and opening a window into my favourite place.