Over the past twelve years as a freelancer, I’ve watched client budgets shrink more and more, whittling down to fees that come with higher expectations for less and less money. At the end of the day, it adds up to more work for barely livable wages. In this episode of the podcast, I “open a vein” about my personal experience with how good work is valued or, perhaps more accurately, devalued today.


  1. I think a lot of us are going through this, right now. Having moved to Europe six years ago, people always ask me – “man, are you crazy? Why would you ever live here when you could live in America?!!” The American Dream still looms large. And, not that it’s easy in London, but getting by in the US has become an uncivil exercise. When people see this political upheaval and puzzle – it’s stories like yours that lie behind it. We’re being left behind in massive numbers.

  2. Joseph Crangle

    Freelancing is hard! I did it for years (tech trainer & instructional design). Maybe exploring new avenues; networking with new potential clients, industries, locations & freelancing peers online. Also expanding your skill set while leveraging your prior experience. You’re right, this too shall pass. By the way, you have all the skills in spades to be a great instructor.

  3. George I get it, I was freelance for around the same time (12years or so) then went back into the workplace, I have a family and a lab to support but am lucky enough to have a wife that has a good job in the city. I however have just left my safety net to give it another go, I worked for the wealthiest company in the world for just a £ or so over minimum wage and I’m 43 years old!

    Anyway I suppose what I’m getting at is ‘don’t de value yourself’, if you know your worth stick at it, i love this blog and the videos, theres nothing else like it out there!

    You have a realistic take on the world with a bit of class that makes a difference

    Anyway heres hoping your work picks up and the posts and videos keep coming

    All the best

  4. George, I loved this episode. I’ve followed your blog for a while, you’re very inspiring.
    I code apps, and now I’m putting a new project together – men’s style related.
    Drop me a line at augusto (at) shovelapps.com I’d love to get you on board, or at least say hello


  5. Jim Moore

    Hi George,

    I listened to your podcast yesterday and felt for you. I will say one thing: I don’t believe that company deserves the respect you still have for it because if they were as good as you say, then stringing someone with your skills and experience along for a job paying a already pathetic low 30ks is a pretty piss poor error of judgement on their part and to me portrays them as either amateurs or venal fuckwits (it wasn’t Goldman Sachs was it?)

    Wishing you better luck in the future.

    I enjoy your podcasts and blog BTW.



  6. Andy Reynolds

    Jesus. Your blog about rent and now this podcast, stuck a bullseye. Are you in my head? I too have freelanced forever. I think I’m good at what I do. I’m a publicist specializing in interesting LGBT projects. http://www.popularpublicity.com I care. I’m smart. I do things differently, better, I think, than others, regardless of if it is necessary or not. A few years ago I put together what I thought was going to be a calling card that would surely get me a job I wanted. http://www.andyreynoldsresume.com And…crickets. I returned to freelancing and the clients keep coming, finding me. Things is they don’t pay. I have to cobble together at least three, if not four clients (ideally, enough so I can always afford to lose one), to make a decent living. This, even in a dumpy East Village walk up. In any case, I can so relate. – Andy P.S. I lived on at 450 W. 47th in the early 90s.