I’ve been sleeping under down comforters for more than thirty years. But when my puppy Lenore recently turned my bedroom into what looked like the massacre of a flock of seagulls (with an impressive debris field, I might add), I took the opportunity to try an alternative to a feather-stuffed comforter.

I have been hearing great things about “down-alternative” comforters for a long time and had been thinking about trying one for a while. My feelings about the killing of animals for the sole purpose of supporting a luxury agenda have evolved considerably. As opposed to leather for shoes, I would definitely consider things like fur, ostrich skin and goose feathers luxuries and absolute non-necessities. As I learn more, see more and think about it more, the more vulgar and unnecessary it seems. I’m not wired to blindly look in the other direction. The down-alternative was the perfect chance to take another road.

After a lot of comparison shopping online, I eventually settled on a down-alternative comforter by Ralph Lauren from Macy’s. Two words: game-changer. It has a 233 thread-count cotton cover and a very plush fill. It provides fabulous warmth, incredible comfort, and amazing breathability. In addition to that, it also happens to be machine washable.


As one would for a regular down comforter, I needed a duvet cover. I bought two identical ones in white. I flip the comforter each week (clean side up) and change the cover altogether every two weeks. Dogs, man.

After a month, I’m not missing the feathers at all. Between my latex/memory foam mattress and fantastic sheets from Casper and my new down-alternative comforter, I’m sleeping better than ever and enjoying a newfound luxury with the added peace of mind knowing that no animals were harmed to accommodate my comfort. When it comes to finding the best latex mattresses, it may be worth doing some research before making a decision. A mattress can make a huge difference in the quality of sleep.

The monkeys seem to like it, too. (And Lenore has graduated from her destructive phase.)


  1. George, you have to do another video. Even though I like your FB posts, and interested in your articles, I’m always looking to see if you’ve done another one. Your voice, intonation, lively personality. Please please . . . please?

  2. Could you provide a little more info on your new alternative? What is the fill material? What else did you research before you settled on this one? Thanks.