I’ve spent years perfecting my home brew. Combining the right beans, the right grind and the right pour-over with my Chemex, I’ve come to enjoy the fruits of this daily ritual more than any other coffee.

On occasion, I like to take a cup with me. Rather than carry around my thermos or Hydro Flask, I just need one cup to go. At those times, I rely on the classic, trusty, “We Are Happy To Serve You” Greek ‘anthora’ cups.

These iconic cups were ubiquitous in diners and delis in New York for decades. Originally designed in 1963 by Leslie Buck, Marketing Director of the Sherri Cup Company, they were favored by Greek-owned coffee shops throughout the city. (“Anthora” is a misspelling of the Greek pitcher/vessel “amphora.”) Over time, they became the go-to cup for a cup to-go until Starbucks came along.

Even though one doesn’t see them as much anymore, their appeal still holds for me. A couple of times each year, I re-stock with a sleeve of 100 cups and lids from Amazon.

Ceramic New York Coffee Cup from the MoMA Design Store.

When the mood strikes me at home, I enjoy a cup in one of the ceramic versions I bought from the MoMA Design Store. They’re perfect (and they make great gifts).


  1. Oh George – for 35 years I drank my tea with lemon out of the Greek key cup! And my husband purchased his 65 cent cup of coffee from the deli on our corner of 89th Street & 2nd Ave. He would close the lid and shake the cup to blend his milk & honey. I can’t wait to order the cups and bring him a cup of coffee as we sit out in our garden and reminisce about the life we miss so much.

  2. My wife occasionally brings these little beauties back home from shows (a traveling art dealer) and I enjoy keeping them around for a while. The whole – sitting in your SUV while ordering a coffee & breakfast to go – to me is beyond the pale and a huge daily expense, but convenience rules for now. We too have honed our home coffee system and are spoiled against much tried outside of home that doesn’t quite measure up. Keep parsing that apartment sir!

  3. I am lazy, my coffee in the morning is a wonderful freeze dried instant called Mount Hagen, pull out a packet, add instant hot water, done.

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