NBCUNIVERSAL EVENTS — NBCUniversal Portrait Studio, August 2017 — Pictured: Jane Lynch, “Hollywood Game Night” — (Photo by Maarten de Boer/NBC via Getty Images)

As a bit of performative therapy during the pandemic, I’d taken to shaving live on Twitter every morning. The ritual collected an audience that continues to surprise me. One of the people in that audience – unbeknownst to me – was Jane Lynch, who one day tweeted: “Gonna watch @georgehahn shave. BRB.”

I was fully floored.

From there, we started messaging and became fast Twitter friends over our love of good humor, good coffee, New York, my amazing cousin Kathryn Hahn (with whom she’s worked), being sober and my dogs. When she was in town shooting The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Jane and I finally met when she joined me for a morning walk in Central Park with the dogs. We fell right in with one another and it’s been a love story ever since.

Since she wrapped on Maisel and went back home to California, we hadn’t seen each other in real time in a while. On a lark, I though I’d invite her onto a live chat on Instagram. While it was a fun show piece, I was also genuinely excited for some real time face time with her. I had some prepared questions and topics, but what ended up happening was more like an off-script conversation between two friends, which is my preference. We covered a range of things: vaccines, our social media culture, Vancouver (where she’s working), bicycling, plant-based eating, skincare, going to the movies vs. streaming at home… we covered it all and broke it down.

Here’s our conversation:


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