My Cordovan Chukka Boots from Alden

With many things pertaining to smarter modes in menswear, I’m often late to the party. I didn’t fully understand the pleasure (or importance) of a well-tailored suit or what went into a well-made shoe until my late 30s. When I “discovered” things like Warby Parker, J.Crew’s Ludlow suits, Indochino, Kamakura or The Tie Bar, I learned that other smartasses in the menswear ether had known about them for years. I don’t claim to be inventing any wheels here, and I will never pretend to be an expert. We get there when we get there.

Another party to which I arrived late is Alden. To be clear, I’ve certainly been aware of Alden and their gold standard in American shoe and boot making for a long time. In fact, I’ve been coveting a pair of Alden’s cordovan chukka boots for several years. My new arrival to the Alden party comes in the form of actually owning a pair. Continue reading “My Cordovan Chukka Boots from Alden”

A Handsome Vegan Alternative To Leather Shoes and Boots

There is an emerging movement of apparel designed by and for discerning gents who like to look handsome while maintaining their love and respect for the animals with whom we share the planet. These animal-friendly collections use no leather, no wool, no alpaca and absolutely no fur. Several years ago, top men’s designer John Bartlett stopped using leather altogether in his collections and, more recently, all other animal-born fabrics like wool and alpaca. Only cotton, recycled poly and rayon find their way into his clothes. The wonderful website The Ethical Man (@theethicalman), founded by Dan Mims, also comes to mind. … Continue reading A Handsome Vegan Alternative To Leather Shoes and Boots