Water. Just Plain Water.

It’s hot as hell here in Cleveland, with a heat advisory extending through the weekend. When temperatures are this high, we’re all reminded to stay hydrated. And smart hydration means water. Not sodas, not juices, not flavored waters, ades or beverages, but water. Just plain water and preferably water that has been through a chlorine filter.

Beverage companies spend a lot of money and effort to entice us to buy their drinks, promising the ultimate cool refreshment we need on a hot day or after strenuous exercise. But at the end of the day, nothing does the job like water.

Since childhood, we’ve been trained to gravitate toward the sweeter, sugary things. A slug from a cold bottle of flavored water certainly tastes good, but it’s unnecessary, especially when it’s colored with the unnatural tint of Windex, Smurf piss or alien tears.

And by “water,” I also mean a glass, steel or paper container of water, not a plastic bottle. In an effort to reduce the plastic, I keep it real simple (and FREE) with tap water that I filter. My filter of choice is the Soma Filter, which reduces contaminants like chlorine, mercury, copper, and more. The filter itself is made from sugarcane plant-based material, free from BPA and Phthalates. Soma makes a few different pitcher models, but my favorite is the glass carafe with a chemistry beaker design that looks pretty chic in my kitchen. Water filters in refrigerator water dispensers will need changing eventually. When the time to do so comes around, choose one of these filters from Best Product Pro’s list.

If I were bringing water for something like a picnic or a boat ride with a group of people, I’d probably go with a large container or two of spring water, along with a sleeve of paper cups. The plastic from the one large single source of water is much more practical than cases of individual plastic bottles, which often get carelessly tossed where they shouldn’t be tossed.

Also… I’m sure I don’t have to remind anyone that even though a refreshing iced tea or iced coffee is made with water, those drinks actually do the opposite of hydrate. They’re diuretics that dry us out.

So remember: to stay hydrated the healthy way in the blistering heat, stick to plain old water.

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