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I love t-shirts. I wear them all the time. While a tailored suit is my standard uniform when I’m out and about representing myself or any endeavor with which I’m associated, my uniform at home is a t-shirt and jeans (which I’m wearing as I type this in my apartment).

My standard t-shirt is a plain, slim-fitting tee with no words, logos or markings of any kind. My go-to colors are white, gray and navy. I have a few black ones, but I don’t wear them as much. From college into my early 20s, I wore black all the time. These days, navy and midnight are usually as dark as I go. I keep my t-shirt game very plain and simple.

Many years ago, Banana Republic made my favorite slim-fit tees. They fit well, wore well, looked good and were perfectly affordable. Then, one day, Banana disappeared that perfect and affordable tee. I tried American Apparel and Uniqlo, both of whom make perfectly good t-shirts, but they just didn’t fit me the way I liked.

These days, I solve my t-shirt problem with J.Crew’s slim broken-in tees. They also come in regular and tall fits. They’re well made, fairly priced and just get better over time with more wear and washing. The tees that I currently have I’ve had for a couple of years, and I love them now more than when I bought them.

Smile, George.


  1. Christopher Fortunato Reply

    I’m still happy to have met you on the street in full regalia, suit etc. But, I hate when tees and such become discontinued, eg. Joe Boxer white underwear.

    • When any brand discontinues a beloved product, it calls to question the leadership choices that owners and shareholders make. Several companies who had products and services I enjoyed no longer get my money because a new CEO or creative director had to make his or her mark. Boo.

  2. I love splurging on T shirts from British label, Sunspel. They cost a bit more, but they really are the very best in the world. And if they are good enough for James Bond…

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  4. Have you tried the new “mercantile” t-shirts? I haven’t heard good things about them. As you note above, its a shame when a company discontinues a beloved product.

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