I recently made my very first purchase from eBay. Ever. (I know.) I forwent any bidding nonsense, because I seriously don’t have the energy for it. Taking the “Buy Now” option, I bought a 1971 Timex Marlin for $65, and it’s fabulous.

And speaking of new purchases, I pulled the trigger on custom calling cards from Terrapin Stationers, the go-to resource for anyone looking for serious (and hilarious) cards and stationery. They were having a sale on a stack of 100 calling cards engraved in black ink on 110lb 100% cotton for $95 and I couldn’t resist. I ordered them with my name in all-caps with my website address below. If I want someone to have my phone number or email address, I can write it on the card manually, adding a more personal touch.

I also bought more dress shirts from both Charles Tyrwhitt and Paul Fredrick, replacing the easy-iron garbage that I bought by mistake. Each shirtmaker has its own merits and makes fine, handsome and affordable shirts.

Big things. Thanks for listening.


Oh… and the 1971 Timex Marlin:

And the Timex Military watch from J.Crew (with brown leather strap):

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