“You & I” by ALA.NI

Do you ever hear a song so pretty it makes you want to cry? I just discovered a bunch of them by a singer named ALA.NI.

This British-born, Paris-based chanteuse fell onto my radar as I was listening to Eclectic24 on KCRW, my go-to internet radio station. The song by ALA.NI they played was “Suddenly”- one of those rare songs that demands I stop what I’m doing, give myself to the song and listen. By the end of the three minute track, I had a lump in my throat.

My next move was to find her on Spotify. “Suddenly” is one of twelve original tracks on ALA.NI’s wonderful new album You & I, which was recently released here in the U.S. Her Billy Holiday-esque voice is from another time, delicately floating over intimate arrangements of guitar, piano or vocals. It’s one of those records you want to hear when you’re one of the last customers in a small romantic café as rain starts to gently fall outside the open windows, or laying in bed looking at the moon out the window.

It’s a short record, too. The running time of the entire album is just under thirty minutes, leaving you wanting more.

I’m in love with her voice, her style and her album. Just beautiful.

Website: ala.ni


  1. Again, I’m glad I stumbled upon your site! At the heat of the Tour de France, I foraged the Web for reasons why Lance Armstrong and co. rode helmet-less.

    Great find, that “Suddenly” track. It’s very anachronistic to today’s style – so much so I had to fight my stubborn ears. The track was so good, I’m thanking the Internet for its existence!

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