It’s been a rough haul. This past year has been a pressure cooker for anyone who’s lost a job, a home, a business, a pet, a bank account or, most crushingly, a loved one. With the overall toll so punishing, it’s no mystery to me why so much of this country has lost its goddamn mind.

Hope is on the horizon with vaccines, and I consider myself extraordinarily fortunate to have gotten one. Vaccines, combined with more daylight, warmer weather and the approach of summer, have given this guy a much needed shot of optimism into the arm, promising the ability to connect again with people in ways I’ve been missing for over a year now.

For the moment, it’s imperative that we continue the best practices of simple citizenship that shorten the exit ramp off this highway of hell. Mask up, back up and wash up. Let’s keep doing the right thing and, when eligible and able, GET VACCINATED. It’s our ticket out of here.

In the meantime, rock out with your cock out. Enjoy the playlist and have a great week.

This week’s playlist…

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    Hi George, I want to come in ‘under the radar’ because I am about the furthest thing away from your target audience.

    I LOVE YOUR STUFF!! (I’m an 80 year old white, educated woman who scored 100% as an ‘innovator’ on a Big 5 Personality Test – and, you, and your Twitter offerings, are one of the few things that give me hope (and many! opportunities to laugh out loud!)

    So, I just want you to know that you may be ‘way before your time’ (in the ‘broadest’ sense), but you are MUCH appreciated!

    Sincerely yours, Barbara (aka “mormorgator’ which should be taken as a ‘clue’)

    • Barbara! That’s just about one of the beat messages I’ve ever gotten. Thank you for making my day!!

  2. George, I am an occasional reader. As for “Rock Out With Your C*ck Out”, I had an ex gf who was in a band called Ginger Val and the Uteros, one of their songs was Rock Out With Your C*ck Out.

      • When I find her, probably has a new band. She was in the New York City area, (somewhere). I think that she is with The Lousekateers. (I thought that she was their singer).

        I havent seen or heard from her in nearly twenty years. We have moved around a bit, probably for the better.

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