I was recently at a dinner party where our host asked us about the worst thing and the best thing thing that came out of the pandemic for each of us. The worst thing, of course, was the loneliness. And then the best thing… fer mee… was the connection I made with certain people through the lifeline and therapy outlet that was social media. At the top of that list of people is Richard Marx.

Richard and I met on Twitter through our mutual pal Rex Chapman, who retweeted a video I posted about the grossly exaggerated reports of our city streets being an uninhabitable (and fictitious) hellscape. Since then, Richard and I have been enjoying one another’s content with much enthusiasm. His humor, his politics, his passions, his attitude… As Richard eloquently put it, there was a palpable likemindedness between us and I’m so happy we’ve connected.

After I did my first Instagram live last week with my friend Paul Wontorek, I found myself wanting to do it again. But with whom? When Richard texted me earlier in the week, it hit me. I asked him if he’d be up for it, and here we are.

In a conversation I imagined would only be twenty or thirty minutes, we talked for over an hour and covered some good track. How we start our day… life with dogs… teaching kids courtesy, manners and grace… humor… creativity… the wins and losses with social media… the Rand Paul drama… getting political as an entertainer… veganism… drinking and sobriety… the endangered idea of curiosity… the first music we bought with our own money… a funny Michael Jackson story… how martinis are like tits… and much more.

As I said, I’m so glad Richard and I have connected, and I had such a good time talking with him. Perhaps this is Volume One of several conversations with him, as I suspect there is more to come. Thanks for watching!

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    • Melissa McQueen Reply

      Thank you George and Richard. That was a great discussion. I saw Marx and Springfield at a couple of shows on the East Coast a few years back. Great performance. To be honest..I never really listened to Marx much, although he has put out some of the most memorable songs of our lifetime. I sure can appreciate his talent and was mesmerized at his performance. Thank you for sharing.

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