Some weeks ago, the social media director of Bergdorf Goodman reached out to me about a campaign they were doing for New York. The campaign was designed to celebrate the city as it recovers from a grueling year and a half with COVID-19. Along with a group of others, I was asked to write a one-page love letter to New York, expressing what the city has meant to me. That’s an easy one.

One of the biggest challenges, though, was to condense my thoughts to one page as Bergdorf’s social media team requested. I love New York and could go on and on. And the biggest challenge was my handwriting. Wow, I’m rusty. All these years of typing with my thumbs has really degraded my penmanship. I must have started (and aborted) 9 or 10 attempts at cranking out a reasonably legible letter. It’s embarrassing. The one I submitted was the best I could muster.

Another part of the ask was to include either a photo of me in one of my favorite NYC settings or a video of me reading the letter. I opted for the latter.

It was such a privilege to be asked by one of New York City’s most iconic stores to participate in this sweet tribute to our city. It was also a huge kick to be part of a group of letter writers that included Lauren Hutton, Debbie Harry, Christy Turlington, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and several others. This certainly got my summer off to a great start.

Here’s the post:

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