I had the distinct pleasure of doing my first live interview as a host with the wonderful Paul Wontorek on Instagram. Paul is a journalist, a host himself and the editor-in-chief of Broadway.com, the go-to resource for all things Broadway.

I’ve known Paul for nearly 25 years and have so enjoyed watching his ascendance doing what he loves (and what he also happens to be very good at). When it was announced that Broadway would reopen in September at 100% capacity, I immediately thought of Paul and how much I’d love to have a conversation with him about the tentpole industry that composes about 15% of New York City’s economy.

Beyond just ticket sales, Broadway’s draw feeds hotels all over the city and restaurants in and around the Theater District – and everyone employed by them. It’s huge.

And then there’s the pure joy of live theater, which we all miss so much. It’s part of what makes New York New York.

Beyond the Broadway conversation, I had to ask him about his fitness journey he’s been sharing during the pandemic. He’s been religiously hitting the Peloton bike and now the Tonal home gym, and he’s cut out the meat and the booze, yielding a version of Paul that looks better than I’ve ever seen him. It’s inspiring.

So here’s our conversation, aka my audition for The View. If you enjoy watching it half as much as I enjoyed doing it, you’ll have a pretty good time.

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