Quite by accident, there seems to be a recurring transportation theme with recent playlists. Last month was all about the bus. This month is all about the car (or the bike, if you can safely ride with headphones on a protected path).

It feels like warmer weather is finally here. When the weather officially shifts into spring/summer, I recall the exhilarating feeling of the school year’s end, the relief of finally putting my winter coat away, and the excitement of taking the top down on my last car, which was a Mustang convertible.

Tippi Hedren and Alfred Hitchcock, photographed by Lawrence Schiller in 1962.

Though I haven’t owned a car in over two decades, I’m no stranger to the joy of a smooth drive with the top down. Those drives are best enjoyed with the right music. The tunes included in this month’s playlist were specifically chosen because they so perfectly evoke the feeling of that kind of drive for me, like a soundtrack to my own little road movie.

As usual, there is a mix of genres represented here. There’s some muscular metal, silky strings, iconic film scores, and smooth soul and R&B.



May 2019 Playlist

Further listening…

Feel free to dive into the complete playlist archive on Spotify and The Men’s Shop Playlist, a growing eclectic mix of classics that I would play in my fantasy men’s store or barbershop.

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