The May 2018 Spotify Playlist

I haven’t updated the monthly playlist since last August. Shame on me.

But I’m fixing it now with an eclectic mix of tracks that put me in a good mood for a long-awaited spring that has finally sprung. Though these lists are usually composed of various genres and eras, this one favors more current material. I curate all these playlists for us, and I hope you like this one. Put it on shuffle and enjoy…

May 2018 Playlist

Further listening…

Feel free to dive into the complete playlist archive on Spotify and The Men’s Shop Playlist, a growing eclectic mix of classics that I would play in my fantasy men’s store or barbershop.


  1. Yay! Your playlists are the best. My favorites are Rocktober and the Giorgio Moroder ones. 🙂

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  4. Good tunes are a tonic for the swirling morass around us! Thanks, George! xo

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