“Last Christmas” by Kids At Midnight

I was never the world’s biggest Wham! fan, but I would challenge anyone to deny a love/hate soft spot for “Last Christmas.” I’ll lay it on the line right here and admit that I went out and bought the Music From the Edge of Heaven CD in 1986 just so I could have that song. (“Wham Rap” was a hilarious fringe benefit of said purchase.)

Tonight, as I was listening to NPR Music’s All Songs 24/7 Music Channel, a familiar hook played in the rotation. As it often happens when I hear a cover, I knew that I recognized the melody, but I couldn’t place it since it was so far out of its original context. Then I heard the unmistakable chorus.

Covered by an Australian synth-pop wiz named Jane Hanley, also known as Kids At Midnight, this deliciously ethereal and lush electronic version of “Last Christmas” is part of an electronic Christmas EP titled X-Mas Rumors via Electronic Rumors. It’s utterly irresistible, and I’m completely smitten with it.

As of this writing, it is available for purchase exclusively on Bandcamp with proceeds going to the Alzheimer’s Society. You can also enjoy a listen via YouTube.

So now you know how much I love the original and this terrific alternate version of “Last Christmas.” Now I suddenly feel as if I’ve taken all my clothes off. Happy Christmas.


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