I’ve never had a real problem with the iPhone’s native Calendar app. It’s perfectly functional and does everything I want it to do, syncing events and appointments seamlessly with my desktop Mac and my MacBook Pro with great ease. If I ever had a problem with the Calendar app, it was with its looks. The Calendar app, like most apps and Web sites, is visually over-produced, at least for me. Enter the Agenda app for iPhone.

The Agenda app reminds me of the timeless 1968 Stendig Calendar by graphic design legend Massimo Vignelli, who also designed the NYC Subway signage. Like the Stendig, the Agenda iPhone app uses a bold Helvetica font on a clean white canvas. The app’s interface is very sparse, easy to read, intuitively designed and utterly efficient. Using it is a little different from the app we’re all used to, but it takes no time to get the swing of it.

Upon installation, the Agenda app automatically and seamlessly populates itself with the data from the iPhone calendar: dates, appointments, sub-calendars, all-day events, notifications… all of it.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a mid-century modern freak: Eames chairs, van der Rohe daybeds, Arco floor lamps, Saarinen tables, Helvetica… In terms of its design and utility, the Agenda app is like an extension of that sexy aesthetic of utilitarian efficiency, like something from Vignelli or Dieter Rams.

Agenda iPhone App Details:
Price: $1.99
Designer: Ken Yarmosh / Savvy Apps
Web site: http://getappsavvy.com/agenda

Purchase from the iTunes App Store

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