Looking at the genetics on my mom’s side and combing through my own hair at age 45, I have a low probability of any notable hair loss. For a huge percentage of men, however, the opposite is true. And while I’m a fan of guys who buzz or shave their heads, I also understand that a lot of men just aren’t comfortable with that and don’t feel confident with the shape of their head or any of the social insecurities one might feel by having less than a full head of hair. For those guys, there is a terrific, non-invasive, non-prescription, affordable and effective solution: The scalp therapy treatment, shampoo and conditioner from Revivogen MD.

I get a little education with every product I meet. From Revivogen, I learned that the most common form of hair loss (Androgenic Alopecia) comes from DHT, a testosterone byproduct that causes shedding and shrinkage of the hair follicle. Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy reduces DHT production, blocks DHT from attaching to the follicle, activates the hair follicle growth cycle and stimulates hair growth. Nice, right?

And here’s a fun fact: Revivogen MD uses natural ingredients that have been clinically proven to outperform prescription treatments. Also unlike more expensive prescription remedies, there are no side effects, and the therapy is formulated for both men and women. After a year of daily treatment, Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy boasts an 88% success rate at restoring hair to its appearance three to five years prior. Very nice.

The smart and explicit packaging of the Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy treatment (3-month supply).
The smart and explicit packaging of the Revivogen MD Scalp Therapy treatment (3-month supply).

As I said, I personally don’t have any signs of hair loss (yet), but I have been using Revivogen MD’s Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner for the past week. Having worked in high-end hair salons for a few years after college, I’ve probably had more experience and experimentation with premium and not-so-premium hair products than the average bloke. I know what good shampoos and conditioners feel like. Since I’m letting my hair grow a bit and I use water-based pomades that can cause build-up, I need something to give my wig a good cleanse without stripping the hair. The Bio-Cleansing shampoo is wonderful, and the conditioner gives a nice shine without weighing the hair down. Both have a hint of mint (rhyme alert) that feels very soothing to the scalp.

The shelf in my shower: pumice stone, soap, Thickening Conditioner and Bio-Cleansing Shampoo.
The shelf in my shower: pumice stone, soap, Thickening Conditioner and Bio-Cleansing Shampoo.

One of the best features of Revivogen’s line is the price. Propecia can cost $100 per month, and it is not covered by insurance. A three-month supply of Revivogen MD’s Scalp Therapy, including the Bio-Cleansing Shampoo and Thickening Conditioner, is $119 ($147 value). Three months of just the Scalp Therapy is $99. There are also other comparably priced combo sets and travel-sizes. For a high-quality product on the premium spectrum, I’m impressed.

In the fashion / beauty / insecurity game, women get the worst jabs at personal insecurities by far. The system is rigged to make women feel fat, ugly and unattractive unless they weigh less, use that lipstick or have this designer’s dress or bag. For men, the biggest insecurity pressure point in our culture is hair, or loss thereof. It’s very personal and something that causes anxiety and loss of confidence in a lot of men. Fortunately, there are solutions, some more drastic and expensive than others. Since I’m no fan of plugs and transplants and the “oh, it looks so great” denial that comes with them, I will always root for less extreme, less drastic, less expensive and more affordable topical options with proven results. And if buzzing it all off Matt Lauer-style isn’t your thing, I’d strongly recommend giving Revivogen MD a try. (It does come with a 90-day money back guarantee, after all.)

And here’s a little something just for you guys…
20% OFF the Shampoo & Conditioner set;
Get the 12 oz. Shampoo & Conditioner free when buying the Scalp Therapy for $99 ($147 value);
A Travel Set (one-month supply) of Scalp Therapy Serum, Shampoo & Conditioner in a 2 oz zip bag for $35 ($47 value).

Here’s the link: www.revivogen.com

This post was sponsored by Revivogen MD.


  1. John Crocker

    Not sure where the personal testimony ends and the infomercial began. A little distinction between the two wouldn’t have hurt. (I have no trouble with vloggers/bloggers posting ads, but like to know whose telling the story.) Thanks.

    • George

      Whether it’s paid content or not, it is my strict editorial policy to ONLY feature goods and services that have real value, adhering to the blog’s firm principles of “handsome, well-made, affordable and workable.” In other words… If I didn’t believe the product was worthwhile, I wouldn’t feature it.

  2. And it appears to induce a Herbal Essences effect judging by the main picture of this article.