David Byrne’s February Playlist: “The Beautiful Shitholes”

Last night, I had a dream about David Byrne – a dream that was, shall we say, “romantic.” (Who doesn’t have a crush on David Byrne anyway?) Though I forget most of my dreams, the timing of this one was odd because it was followed up by his monthly David Byrne Radio newsletter this morning, announcing his February music playlist on Mixcloud.

Photo by Jody Rogac.

Byrne’s new playlist is a celebration of music from Africa and the Caribbean, curated with an exquisite ear and taste that is exclusively his. The playlist is titled “The Beautiful Shitholes.”

From the man himself in today’s newsletter:

“Here’s a playlist that gives just the smallest sample of the depth and range of creativity that continues to pour out of the countries in Africa and the Caribbean. It is undeniable. Can music help us empathize with its makers?”

I’ve been listening to it all morning. It’s fantastic. Enjoy.

Listen to David Byrne Radio on Mixcloud.

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