Photo © 2010, George Hahn
Photo © 2010, George Hahn

Back in July of 2010, I snapped this photo on the corner of West 40th Street and 11th Avenue. Undercover NYPD seemed overly curious about my motives and asked me about what I was up to. The photo (and the story behind it) wound up in The New York Times LENS blog, with the story written by David W. Dunlap. Here is the story: “Step Away From the Camera!”

Today, in his City Room capacity, Mr. Dunlap wrote another piece about being unjustly prohibited from taking pictures in public spaces after an MTA property protection agent instructed him that he was not allowed to photograph the 126th Street Bus Depot, which used to be the site of William Randolph Hearst’s Cosmopolitan-International movie studio. For the article, Mr. Dunlap was kind enough to ask my permission to use my photograph of the Javits Center North again. I was honored by the request and gladly granted permission. Here is the link to the story: A Depot and a Fight to Photograph the City

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