Something New (and Something Renewed) from Bulldog Skincare

Founded in 2006 and launched stateside in 2011, Bulldog Skincare for Men is an award-winning ethical men’s skincare line from the U.K. Using effective natural ingredients, the products are never tested on animals and they never use ingredients from animal sources. I’ve been a fan of Bulldog Skincare for years now, using the Original Face Wash, the Anti-Ageing Moisturiser and the Original Eye Roll-On in my daily skin regime. Each week, I add the Original Face Scrub into the mix.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Bulldog’s founder Simon Duffy on his recent visit to New York. He was in town to claim yet another award for the brand and wanted to share some news about the re-formulated Face Scrub and the brand new Protective Moisturiser… Continue reading “Something New (and Something Renewed) from Bulldog Skincare”